At DPA Trading, we specialize in sourcing premium green Arabica beans from different regions within Indonesia. 

Papua – heavy body, spicy, chocolate and earth finish

Sulawesi – medium sweetness and body, with light spicy notes

Java – heavy body, with a lasting rustic and herbaceous flavor profile 

Sumatra – intense flavor, with cocoa, earth and tobacco notes

Bali – medium sweetness, with nut and citrus notes

Flores – heavy body, sweetness, chocolate and tobacco notes

Assured Quality

Both DPA Trading and our associated farmers work tirelessly to ensure we only provide the highest quality Arabica beans.

Hand Picked - only cherries with optimum ripeness

Freshest - all beans will be processed on the day of harvest

Single Origin - only Arabica beans are sold to ensure consistency

Triple Pick - All beans are triple checked to ensure the highest quality

GrainPro - All delivered in GrainPro bags to ensure quality consistency from source to user